Regardless how large you company is, or how your company is setup, you will have a culture. Can you describe the culture where you work? Do you have ideas for making it better? Here is a summary of a presentation put together by Motley Fool.

  1. Create a culture of trust. Companies should trust that the people they hire are smart, motivated and eager to drive the value. Hire trustworthy people and treat them as such.
  2. Live core values. Core values are only powerful if they reflect the company you’re actually building. Measure your next new idea against your core values and make sure it meets the standard for each one.
  3. Be Intentional. Align your employees around the changes you want to make an fallow them to hold you accountable.
  4. Enhance hiring practices. Great people love to work with other great people. Identify the superstar performers at your company and include at least one of them in every interview process.
  5. Focus on high performers. Take the ned week and only spend time on your highest performs. That will add value faster than hand-holding your low performers.
  6. Foster a culture of learning. Intellectual curiosity doesn’t cost a thing – expect it of everyone. Ask an in-house expert to teach a class for the rest of the organization.
  7. Give frequent feedback. Make it frequent and mix it up. Do your annual reviews work? If no, then get rid of them and try something else.
  8. Model from the top. Your culture will largely reflect the values that your senior leaders display. Take something you wish happened more and model it for your employees.
  9. Make it transparent. Don’t underestimate how much your employees want to know about your business and the value they can add if they see the whole picture. Talk about some numbers in your next meeting that aren’t usually discussed.
  10. Have fun.

Sounds easy, well, it’s probably not. You are going to have some disagreements about how your boss or your employees see as the correct answers to these questions. That’s the fun part. Embrace it and define your culture with the people who help continue that culture.