This year at Overlook, I’ve signed up to participate in the After School Enrichment program as an instructor. I’ve had a class for the past 6 years, except last year. I wasn’t in the mood. But this year, I’m teaching my favorite class, Disc Golf. It’s super fun to take the kids outside and have them throw, it’s funny even. To get kids to sign up for the class, I have to write a description. Here is this year’s description of the class:

Disc Golf – Open to all grades (max. of 10 students)
Come learn how to play Disc golf with parent Michael Crawford. You will learn how to throw different kinds of frisbees super far and super straight. We also have miniature indoor frisbees for days it’s messy outside. Each participating child will receive their own Frisbee to take home!

I can imaging getting a bunch of really young kids signing up, which is really had to manage when they are all throwing these discs around, but again, it’s funny. This year, I have my target to bring, so they will have something to shoot at. Hopefully, we can get a group who wants to play a match and we can use the course I outlined. On messy days, we can play the 2 sets of miniature disc golf that I have.

The kids will get discs at the end, but maybe I’ll buy them mini discs with something cute printed on them because the big ones are a little more expensive than what we are supposed to spend per kid. I think they like us to spend about $5 per child.

This will be my last year teaching a class at Overlook Elementary, which is bitter sweet. I’ve really taken advantage of all the opportunities the school gives us to participate. It’s been a great run, but I’m ready to move on. Junior high is looming and they don’t have the same approach to involvement, which is good, the kids need to move on as well. Having kids is great but being a part of their lives is the best fun ever. I’ll miss it, but enjoyed my time and will have many memories of Overlook.

Ov, Er, Lo, Ok, Overlook, yeah, Overlook, yeah!