As far as I’ve been able to tell, they never had a thing together to have a shared history. But each has a glorious history. Bacon Not all pigs make the best bacon. There are pigs that are bread for bacon. These pigs live in England. The home of what we consider to be bacon. At the time England began mastering the bacon process, everyone was making bacon. England just decided to do it the best. Since 1500 BC we have been eating pig. There are different types of genetics in the pigs around the world. That results in a variety of unique tastes for the same cut of meat. The cut we know as bacon wasn’t exclusive until the late middle ages. Any part of the pig was referred to as bacon. Bacun, Bakko, “What the English were historically calling bacon at the time referred to a specific cut of pork belly and pork loin and mostly cut from breeds of pig that had been specifically bred to make what we now call back bacon.” citation:, Chocolate The history of chocolate is less varied than bacon. It originated in Mesoamerica around 1900 BC. Chocolate was highly valued and was consumed in liquid form, sometimes combined with wines. When chocolate came to Europe, they added sugar to it to make it more familiar to what we currently eat. citation: