What effort is involved in hosting a party?

It really depends on the kind of party. A one year old birthday is really easy, except for all the one year olds. A wedding is more complicated.

Where does that put a tailgate party? A what? A tailgate party! Yeah! A pickup truck, keg of beer, food, cornhole, lots of team colors, tailgate party.

We host the darn thing at our house, in the back yard. We get beer, food, and ask everyone to bring a dish to share. It’s lots of fun.

Being in Philly, we get fans. Good fans. Rowdy fans. I select an away game to host the party so nobody will have tickets to the game.

One oclock games are the best, because it’s a Sunday and most everyone has to work the next day. Not me. I always take off the following Monday. I have clean up duty.

So, what does it take to host a party like this? It takes teamwork.