Dear colleagues,

As everyone is aware, there has been a surge of focus within X on the budget and costs to their business. Regrettably, this has resulted in some reduction in our staff, and beyond that has impacted everyone within X and across all 3rd parties. It is not an overstatement to say that this has been keenly felt across the entire organization.

We are finally starting to see things settle down within X and get back to building the business and drive projects forward. The finance team seems to be working very well with other groups within X, and bringing certain discipline and structure to how projects are run. The intent is that this will result in better outcome for their business, and for it to have the same impact to ours, we will be following suit.

We are approaching a critical time, Holiday 2016, during which expectations are higher than they have ever been. Last holiday was widely seen as a huge success, with great sales and virtually zero downtime even on the busiest days of the year. Let’s make sure we get through this year equally well, while also continuing to deliver on our projects and be the technical leaders in this organization. It’s a difficult role to fill after a difficult time, but I know this group is up to the challenge!

best regards,


This is a reminder of how banal corporate life is. I can easily remove the company name and this could apply to anyone. Ugh.