Steph organized a group to participate in the autism race for resources to raise money for autism research. There was a 10k run, nobody in our group took part in that. There was a 5k that steph, lisa, Lauren and a few other ladies from our group ran. And then everyone else walked the 2 mile fun walk. Steph organized a large group of at least 30 including the kids. She got ‘Team Harry’ shirts with a big yellow back hoe on it. The back had an inspirational quote.
“Enter quote here”
We couldn’t stay for the group picture that Steph posted to facebook because we had to race back and pickup Annika from a birthday sleepover party so we could take her to her last soccer game this season.
The team played so well. The coach spent a lot of time this week working on getting the girls to stay in position. The result was good ball move my and a win. Annika played both offense and defense throughout the game. Her aggression toward the ball improves with each game. She got whistled for running over a littler girl. Nothing vicious, but I like the aggression. Too many times the girls will stop short of the ball and stick their leg out to pole at the ball. Today everybody on the team was more aggressive and running through the ball. It has been good to see all the girls improve during the season.
It was Annika’s last soccer match, but Elyse’s first swim meet this season. It was supposed to be a home meet against Springfield, but our pool wasn’t ready. The storm knocked out the power to the school for a week and when it came back, they found the pump was broken. The team practiced all week at Arcadia University, which she enjoyed. Te meet was less than stellar. SAC smoked us pretty bad. Not even sure what the final totals were, but Elyse said lane 4 won every event. Elyse’s swimming has improved so much since she started. He does all 4 strokes so well. And she says the IM is her favorite event. Mine too.
Lisa ran 5k, Annika competed for soccer team’s win, Elyse swam beautifully in all her events, and I watched. I love all my girls and they make me so proud and happy. I look forward to giving matt a whoopin tomorrow at frisbee golf and to whomever I play at racquetball on Monday, but today was about my girls competing.