Thank you for becoming a member of Trunk Club! We’re excited to change the way you shop.
Your stylist is Laura Casper.

You should expect to hear from Laura in the next day, but if you just can’t wait to get started, you can contact Laura in the following ways:

Phone: 312-940-5205
Laura Casper
Here’s what you can expect to happen now:

Laura will contact you to learn more about your overall style and what you would be interested in receiving in your first trunk.
After your initial conversation, Laura will pick out some great new clothes for you and have them shipped out to you.
Try those clothes on at home, keep the ones you love, and send back the items you don’t. We cover the cost of shipping both ways.
If you have any questions in the meantime, please reply to this email and we’d be happy to help.

Trunk Club Service Team

This is how it all started. Then I received my first box. It was fun to try on the clothes, but the prices were steep. No more steep than sticker price, but still, I don’t want to pay sticker price.
I received a couple other boxes with the same result. $200+ for a pant/shirt combo. Eeek, I can do better than that, but will I get the same quality.
It depends on what you mean by quality. All the clothes I tried on from the Trunks were very stylish, but felt a bit fragile. I typically buy clothes to last for years, not a season.
I’m sure the Trunk Club would love me to buy new outfits every season. Maybe some day, but now, I’ll deal with the bargain rack at Macy’s for some discounted stylish deals.