I went to a very engaging meeting with 40+ parents at the Abington Friends School the other night. The topic was Parenting in the Digital Age, which is right in my wheelhouse. At the meeting, I found that all, not just most, of the parents were there because they are scared of the technology their kids are using. Not just scared, but also unaware. I think over time we have proven that not knowing about something invariably brings about some level of fear. And these parents talked a lot about fear and not understanding.
I shared this story with another group and the topic focused on how tech changes non verbal communication. The point was that texting is bad because 93% of communication is non verbal. Immediately, I doubted the truth of the number. I mean, I worked 8 years with people and didn’t see them. So I researched using technology.
I found a couple posts before getting down to the heart of the matter.

Post one Summary: 60-90% nonverbal and is the most important part.

Post two Quote: “However, it’s worth noting that Mehrabian has since noted “…Unless a communicator is talking about their feelings or attitudes, these equations are not applicable”. In essence, the 7% figure can be misleading as it could imply that the words we say are of relatively little importance. This isn’t the case – the above equation is only really relevant when the words we are saying are at odds with the body language or tone of voice we’re using.”

Post Thread Breaks it down…

So, that last post really sums it up for me. I get that non verbal communication is truly important, when talking about certain things. But you couldn’t communicate without being impeccable with your words.