We had grilled cheese and ham sandwiches the other night. They appear on our dinner menu with some regularity. Sometimes they have turkey and others have just cheese. They are all delicious. This time, Lisa went a step further and offered to make French Toast for our sandwiches on this particular night. This results in a Monte Cristo sandwich, if you sprinkle some powdered sugar on them. And for the breakfast fan, add a little maple syrup to your plate for a little extra zing. I’m not a big French Toast fan, but I went for it just because. Because, I can define in another article, but assume there is a little motivation but not a lot. Anyway the sandwich was delicious. So I decided to do a little research on the Monte Cristo. Turns out almost every country has a variation on this sandwich. And all of them appear to spawn from the same Country. France.

I’m a huge fan of the french. So this hit a cord with me. Then I read about their adaption called the Croque Madam with is the same but with an egg. Mind blown. This fits nicely into my dietary habits because I’m a big follower of putting an egg on leftovers for my breakfast. Life is coming together as I learn more about the history of everything.