Bring Your Own Technology

I just found out that this is actually a thing that is implemented at Abington. And I think my cousin is one of the ten lucky teachers who are testing this out. The problem is, she knows nothing about tech. And I fear she was provided no instruction in this program. Although, it could be a case of her just being stubborn to learn anything tech, she isn’t very tech friendly herself.

My first step was to find out who is running this program. Which you would think is easy, but I still haven’t gotten a solid answer. I do have a lead on 3 emails of people who used to be involved. But they may have moved on. I got the emails from the secretary of the AEF who is someone that has crossed my path in the past. It’s a person who is knowledgeable of tech, but doesn’t quite use it as the kids do. I’d like that to change and need to get more details.

To Be Continued,d.eXY